All about my personal quest to be slimmer & healthier... Won't quit eating, won't skip meals, won't starve to death...

Sunday, August 10, 2014


I wish....
I am slimmer and thinner.
So that all my old clothes
will welcome me happily.

I wish...
The extra fat is gone.
So that the bulky and the hideous
won't welcome the uninvited stares.

I wish...
I'd shed the extra pounds
So that my body will swing
as light as feather in action.

I wish..
I am fit and healthy.
So that I don't have to breathe heavily
tiring myself too easily.

Having too many wishes
without too much action
is definitely my biggest enemy
when laziness rules everything!

Sheer hard work...
right attitude..
are all good.

The trouble is..
I'm too comfortable.
Too much denial
brings me too my own destruction.

OMG! Please wake up!
I wish I am fully awake!